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ASIP 2024

In 2024, the ASIP will host a standalone meeting that will leverage our society’s unique strengths in the understanding of cellular and molecular mechanisms of disease. The annual meeting includes symposia and workshops communicating cutting-edge scientific sessions, commingled with educational and professional development sessions appealing to trainees and junior faculty.

Reflecting the ASIP membership, there will be a strong emphasis on:

  • Liver pathobiology

  • Neuropathology

  • Gene expression

  • Inflammation

  • Immunopathology

  • Cardiovascular pathobiology

  • Mucosal pathobiology

  • Endothelial and epithelial cell biology

  • Cancer pathobiology

  • Fundamental cell biology

We invite you to join us in staying abreast of leading scientific research in deciphering the pathways of health and pathology that will lead to disease diagnosis, prevention, and

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